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    xara preparer un site


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    xara preparer un site

    مُساهمة  Admin في الأحد أبريل 24, 2011 1:54 pm

    Xara Web Designer مصمم المواقع تصميم المواقع هل تجد الصعوبة بتصميم صفحات موقعك على شبكة الأنترنت هنا الحل مع برنامج مصصم المواقع Xara Web Designer بكل سهولة وبأدوات بسيطة جدا صمم موقعك الخاص بك بكبسة زر فقط يوفر لك البرنامج الكثير من الأدوات الرائعة التي تجعلك ان تتحكم بتصميم موقعك يقبل البرنامج أستيراد اغلب جميع صيغ الصور PDF, RTF, RAW, PSD, TIFF and of course JPEG, PNG, GIF. ومتوافق البرنامج مع معيار W3C compliant لتصميم المواقع القياسية وكذالك سوف يقوم البرنامج بتصميم الصفحات متوافق مع جميع متصفحات الأنترنت IE 5.5, Firefox, Safari, Chrome برنامج رائع بأمكانيات ومميزات جميلة جدا وواجهة بسيطة وسهلة الأستخدام
    Xara Web Designer

    An easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required

    With Xara Web Designer you'll be able to create websites just like a pro!

    The Web Designer approach is simple: Pick your design from the templates; customize it with complete freedom; publish. Absolutely no HTML or Javascript skills are required!

    Web Designer includes customizable template designs plus tools for creating your own vector graphics and animations, for photo editing (an integrated ultra-fast, non - destructive photo tool), and for advanced text layout. Site upload is covered too!

    Web Designer gives you total design freedom - using drag and drop you can literally place anything, anywhere on the page. And things which are normally difficult to achieve in HTML are a snap in Web Designer - for example text with curved edges, text or graphics at an angle, text flowing around objects - no problem!

    Whether you customize one of the bundled templates or create your own graphics or animations, it's genuinely WYSIWYG - what you see in Web Designer is exactly what you get on your website.

    But we have some clever tricks too, to make things easier for you - here's just a few of the things that will save you time and trouble:

    Liquid text flow around objects; easy mouseover, thumbnail and pop-up creation; automatic adjustment of photos to the correct web resolution; one-click change of site wide theme colors and shades; automatic color matching of imported objects such as buttons; and buttons and text panels that automatically stretch as you change the text.

    Working with industry standards is vital, so Web Designer sites are W3C compliant, cross browser compatible (IE 5.5, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and XHTML, CSS standards based.

    It can also import a huge range of files types for vector graphics, image and text including PDF, RTF, RAW, PSD, TIFF and of course JPEG, PNG, GIF.


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